Friday, April 20, 2012

Moving Forward

We wanted to take a moment to follow up on on a recent experience and what it means for the future of Low Dive Brewing.

On the morning of Friday, April 13th we were contacted by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB).  As you may know, we were scheduled to sample our beer at OhNo!Doom that same evening to help celebrate the opening of their current show.  The TTB informed us that we would be unable to do so, however, because as home brewers we are restricted from making our beers available for public consumption.

What we learned that day took us by surprise, as we have always been under the impression that we could share the fruits of our labor and were simply prohibited from selling our beers.  The growing popularity of home brewing and the emergence of nano-breweries are factors that have apparently lead to increased visibility and legal grey areas around sharing hand-crafted beers.  Through this experience we have gained valuable insight into the evolving regulatory environment and have identified a couple of key resources that can help us navigate these waters.

We just want to say that regardless of what occurred last Friday, Low Dive remains focused and positive and we'll continue moving forward working with the community and opening our brewery in 2013.  There will simply be a change in our approach as we are now prohibited from providing our beer for public consumption.  However, trust that Low Dive will continue to consult our new found resources to explore opportunities to share our beers with our friends and supporters whenever possible.

Sadly, we will be forced to detach ourselves from the Screens 'n' Suds benefit show Friday, April 27 for fear that it may compromise our position when we begin applying for our licenses.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Friday the 13th

Flyer designed by Steven Fiche.

If you're in or near the Bucktown neighborhood Friday the 13th, stop in at OhNo!Doom starting at 6pm. This will be our second time offering samples at their gallery so far this year, and we're excited to debut three new and entirely different beers on this night.

But first, the main attraction. (This is an art show after all.) Curated by the great Joey Potts, It's titled A Walk Through the Dark (Art Works of the Macabre, Strange, and Bizarre), and will feature work from Ego, Ben Lyon, Steven Fiche, Scarecrowoven, Stephanie Brown, Scott Shellhamer, and Jonathan Bergeron. This is a not-to-be-missed showing of extremely talented artists. DJ Paisley Babylon will also be in attendance to set the pace. All beer aside, we'd be at this show regardless. Such a solid lineup.

Thankfully however, we will be there with beer. In fact, we'll be presenting our Mini Series which will consist of our "small" beers resulting from past parti-gyle brew days of this year.

In January, we brewed an English Barleywine. But what you'll be able to sample from that day is our Spring Barleywine. This beer, although from the second running's of the mash, finished at almost 9% abv, and will have gone through a total of three separate dry-hoppings!

A month later, we brewed a Scotch Ale. Using the third running's, we produced a much smaller beer by comparison of the Spring Barleywine and finished around 5% abv. However, we took a drastically different cold side approach by pitching a Bavarian lager yeast, introducing to everyone our first ever Märzenbier, which as
Matt explained is more commonly referred to as Octoberfestbier because breweries traditionally brewed the beer in March and would proceed to lager through the Summer months.

Only days after we brewed the Scotch Ale, we brewed another beast of a brew with an entirely new Imperial Stout recipe. Like the English Barleywine brew day, we used the second running's in order to produce our take on a new style: German Stout, or Starkbier. We used only German Noble hops, and fermented the wort with German Kölsch & Alt yeast strains.

One last little plug... There are a few remaining Low Dive shirts available at the gallery. These little gems were designed by Joey Potts, and it may be a while (if ever) until they're printed again. So get'em while you can!

See you all next Friday!


EDIT (4/13/12): TTB has informed us that we can't serve our beer tonight at OhNo!Doom. You should still come out and peep all the great new work on display.