Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Parti Time!

Clockwise from top left: first runnings from the mash, THE BOIL,
pre-boil wort from the second runnings, post-boil wort of the barleywine.

This past Monday, we brewed our first beer of 2012!

We put our equipment to the test brewing our first ever English-style barleywine. We maxed both our mash tun and kettle to their perceivable limits. Adding to that, we used only the first runnings from the mash, followed by a 90 minute boil accompanied with a hefty hop addition from the start. Naturally, having only used the first runnings, it was our duty to brew a second beer afterward using only the second runnings from the mash. They call this method of brewing Parti-Gyle. Using the same mash, the results are two different beers. This is the third time we've taken this, or a similar approach. The first resulted in a crisp, floral table beer after mashing Beneficence, our Belgian style quad. The second resulted in Rogge Klein after mashing de Seigle la Ferme, both of which we poured at last year's Brew Ha Ha. For this latest batch, we introduced a generous helping of hops to the "small beer" in the span of the last 15 minutes of the boil in what should be an interesting balance between the warm toffee biscuit flavors from the malt and the floral citrus characteristics of the hops. We hope to be enjoying the IPA soon, whereas for the barleywine, we may be sharing that near the end of 2012... or later.

Until next time, cheers!

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