Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Back to Black

As the months get cooler, our beers tend to get darker. This year, one of our dark creations manifested itself as three in our Holiday Dessert Series. The idea for this series started out with an incarnation of our Chocolate Stout. Brewed with plenty of chocolate malt and roasted barley like before, but hopped with Amarillo hops this time around and then aged on organic cocoa nibs. Once the nibs had made their mark, we split the stout into three. We decided to leave one third alone (allowing it to remain resting with the nibs), the other two had some pretty interesting treatments in store. Fresh mint was added to a portion, becoming our Mint Chocolate Stout. Finally for our last variation, the goal was to emulate a Mexican mocha by incorporating a healthy dose of Metropolis coffee as well as flavors of cinnamon and almond to pay homage to Mexican chocolate. This series was a very limited run, but I don't think this will be the last you hear of these chocolate stouts.
In other blackness, our coffee stout formerly know as Jampit has recently been brewed and awaits being bottled. This yet-to-be-named brew should be packaged and ready to drink before January's end.
Our most recent black addition comes in the form of a robust American porter. While currently in its earliest fermentation stage, this dark hoppy beverage may be pouring at Oh No! Doom in early February & may see an addition of peanut butter to a portion.

- photo by Ryan Smock

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