Friday, October 7, 2011

Blueberry Farmhouse

We first brewed our Saison, Summer's Here Man, back in April of 2010; we were looking for an ale, not unlike Fantome, that given time in the bottle would funkify itself. So the plan was to use a French Saison yeast strain in addition to a starter made from the dregs of a Fantome. The resulting beer, while refreshingly crisp & dry with earthy notes of black pepper and spice, just never really got to that funky place. So to rectify this situation the idea was to brew another farmhouse-style ale, but this time ferment with only the grown-up dregs from the bottom of that king of Saison from Soy. We decided on a very modestly bittered wort comprised of roughly half pale malt & half wheat & fermented with our Fantome starter. The resulting beer, Farmhouse 6, turned out exactly as we had planned: refreshing, crisp, slightly wheaty & sour - not puckeringly, Pajottenland style sour, but a light sourness that made the beer even more refreshing & thirst quenching. It was one of our most popular & one of my favorite Low Dive beers of 2010.

So, its 2011 & we wanted to bring this one back, but with a twist - Low Dive's first fruit beer. We brewed the same wort as last summer & made another starter from the various bottles of Fantome the 4 of us had collected over the last year - it also worked out to be a nice little tasting to get to all of those precious dregs.

Once the beer had completely fermented the sugars from the wort, we added the fruit. Blueberries - more than a pound and a half of fruit per gallon of beer. It took a couple of months for the yeast to eat all of the available sugars in the berries, but the finished beer achieved a brilliant red-pink hue & a berry character, that while not in your face, added a nice complexity to an already successful beverage. A perfect beer for this 80 degree Indian Summer we are in the middle of. Enjoy.

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