Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mainly Black

Since I last wrote in January there have been several new beers working their way into the Low Dive lineup. Back in February we brewed Jampit, an Oatmeal Stout of medium gravity with a pretty complex grain bill - moderately hopped with both Nugget and Liberty hops. After some discussion with Chicago Micro-Roaster Dark Matter, we decided to cold-press some Indonesia Java Jampit and added the extract at bottling. The result is a easy drinking Coffee forward Oatmeal Stout perfect for that first morning beverage.
March brought the formulation of a another stout recipe. This stout while equally as complex in its grain bill, was brewed to a much higher gravity & hopped much more aggressively than Jampit. Currently clocking in at around 11% abv., this yet to be named stout rests in secondary as we patiently await its large flavors to meld and become more cohesive.
Also in March, we brewed Low Dive's first Porter. In a recipe written by Sean, we featured some home-toasted Oats in this American-style interpretation. The batch was split & half currently resides on some Bourbon soaked Oak, while the other half is being dryhopped & will soon find its home in bottles.
One last update; A little over a week ago, under constant threat of rain, we detoured from the blackness and brewed a Farmhouse style Saison. This style is traditionally very pale in color and due to its dry finish will result in a refreshing beverage, perfect for a day in the sun. We utilized a traditional grain bill & paid homage to both the Belgian and French yeast origins, but did stray a little from tradition, using American hop variety Citra for every step of the process - we also plan to add more of the citusy goodness a little later when this Saison gets dryhopped in the keg with more Citra.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Here Comes the Sun

If you weren't aware, most of our brews up until recently have been constructed by Matt. This year, it was our goal for the rest of us to contribute. On April 17, we brewed my first recipe; an approximately 7% wheat IPA, named Here Comes the Sun.

We mashed mostly 2-row and wheat. We added both Centennial and Cascade hops on brewday, and dry-hopped with Citra when we racked into secondary.

We ended up with an attractively yellowish-orange pale ale, that delivers a pleasant combination of floral and citrus aromas. It tastes more bitter than what I was trying to achieve, but overall, I'm pleased with the outcome. At the moment, the recipe's getting tweaked, and I obviously look forward to the next time we brew this beer. But until then, give us a shout if you'd like to try it!