Monday, January 17, 2011

a little help from our friends

During the last week of 2010 we brewed our second installment of our sour ale series. These yet to be named beers have many many months (in all likeliness years) to go before they are anywhere near ready to drink. The long fermentation process is due to the use of an aggressive yeast called Brettanomyces (which will provide some funky/earthy flavors) as well as the use of the bacterias Lactobacillus & Pediococcus (which will bring the sourness), these organisms can take years to eat all of the available sugars in our wort as opposed to the 'regular' ale yeast strains that can complete fermentation in less than a few weeks. The wort itself is pretty pale in color and very low in hop bitterness, to this we added a blend of yeasts including the ones mentioned above, a Belgian ale yeast and a sherry yeast from Wyeast as well as some dregs from a few commercially available sour ales (New Glarus, Captain Lawrence, Drie Fonteinen, Russian River & Cantillon), this will help insure that we get a good variety of bacteria to turn our sweet wort into a complex sour ale. It will be at least a year before we taste this beer & that time we may decide to package some, add some fruit to some and/or save some for blending with future batches - but we'll talk about that in the future.

In other Lowdive news, we packaged a couple of beers this past Sunday:

Herbst Schwarz is our take on a Schwarzbier, weighing in at 7.72% abv. it is a little stronger than would be traditional, plus we used American grown Liberty Hops instead of a more traditional German variety.

Bad Blood is the second brewing of the Rye Pale Ale we had on tap at BrewBQ 2, this batch came in a little stronger at 8.77% abv. and was brewed with a significant a mount of Rye Malt. Bad Blood was hopped exclusively with Nugget hops, including a large amount grown in the back yard of two of our co-founders.


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