Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Noir Matou Number 2

Back in May, we brewed our second batch of Noir Matou. This is an imperial stout brewed with molasses and cocoa. The first time it was brewed, we aged it with oak and Templeton rye whiskey. This time around, we aged it with oak and Old Rip Van Winkle bourbon for 6 months. Today, it was bottled, and based on what we tasted, we're very excited to see how this develops. Also, we bottled our Belgian-style quad, Beneficence. A 10% candy-of-a-quad. It was fun tasting it after fermentation, but we're all more excited now to taste it with some carbonation.

In addition to the Noir Matou and Beneficence, we kegged our three beers for this saturday's brew-b-q. A chocolate vanilla stout, a Belgian chocolate coffee stout and a Rye P.A. All three tasted great, and we're very excited to pour these for all our friends. Again, we encourage all our friends to stop by. Along with our 3 beers, we'll have a guest tap and liquor bar, lot's of food cooked by our friends Won and Adam, and DJ Intel spinning before more bands perform later in the night. All of this for the entire afternoon/evening at West Town Recording for $15. Stop by and enjoy!


  1. Nice, somehow this photo makes me think of a Illmatic Nas track.