Thursday, November 11, 2010

What's Happening!!

Volume II of our Separated at Birth series was brewed last week. This time around, we started with [more or less] Matt's winning Muddy River recipe from the Northside Brewers Competition at Hamburger Mary's a year ago. Muddy River was a chocolate vanilla stout. They're just now wrapping up in primary, and they taste choco-riffic! However, these beers are unfinished—there's still more to come. Additionally, we'll be pouring them at an upcoming party again collaborating with our friends Adam, Won and Mike, so stay tuned for more on all of this later!

No, we didn't bottle more Malevolence unfortunately, but rather sealed'em with our newly purchased black wax. We've never waxed bottles before, but I imagine after this, we'll be waxing many more in the future. We're big fans.


In other news, our fermentation chamber has finally fell to an acceptable lagering temperature, so our Schwarzbier should be taking shape at this very moment. Yesss!

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