Monday, August 30, 2010


We kegged a couple beers tonight. Sean's going on a nice little drive to Iowa this weekend for a friend's pig roast and hauling said keg's for the festivities. We're sending him off with a couple saison variations brewed about a month apart. We cultivated our own yeast using dregs from another saison we love, and kept the yeast cake from the first beer to ferment the second beer. A first time for us, and we like what we taste: big citrus in both and tart. They're both gold in color, however, the first of the two brewed does seem to have a slightly brighter gleam to it, but they're quite lovely either way. We didn't necessarily know on brew day that these particular beers were going to this pig roast, nor did we know how these beers were going to turn out since we had never cultivated a yeast like we did with this one. So, instead of sending the entire yields westward, we decided to save a little for bottles so the rest of us can enjoy it as well. But until then, we'll hope for some feedback in Iowa.

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